Jumpy L2 "TATI"

Take a walk on the wide side!

A bigger motorcaravan conversion by Zooom?
Take a look at our new Jumpy L2 (L1 currently under construction)
The name is  memoring the french comedian, actor and film director Jacques Tati. (Ever seen the movie "Traffic"? Then you know why we called our new camper "Tati";-) )

These are the links for Flyer and price list (in German only)

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Please do compare with the traditional lay-outs of 5m campers available on the market:
Berth in elevating top 220 x 135 cm, optionally up to 250cm!
Wood gratings, cold foam matrace and ladder are serial.
Optionally available: Second berth downstairs (to be transformed from two additional single back seats) 200 x 120 cm, easily removable, seats also to be used outside as camping chairs.
Front svivel seats, table (removable to be used outside).
Isolated sidewalls and floor, a full insulation of elevating top available on option.
Kitchenette to be used from outside and inside.
Chemical toilet and external shower are serial.
Fresh water tank 36l, waste water tank 16l, 2nd battery 80AH underfloor.

Tati provides up to 3.5m³ loading space (sufficient for two europallets) not counting and without removing any furniture